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Let me begin by saying, I do not work nor sell anything for products that I review and am in no way affiliated with the companies.

I'll get straight to the point and start off by saying that I created this vimax review portion of the site as a way to express my first-hand experience of penis enlargement products. This huge wave of the "best" penis enlargement products out there left ordinary people like me completely confused on where to start or what to try. I don't usually do things like this but I feel pretty passionate about the effects Vimax has had on my life. I learned this the hard way (about $200 later than I would have hoped). Before Vimax I tried Prosolution pills and VigRx pills, however the results were negligible. Vimax made it all worth it though. I don't think there is anything else (product or activity) that could have given me this much confidence and extra "advantage" during sex.


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  Vimax Penis Enlargement


      First, a quick warning: The Vimax site does inflate its claims a bit. I really don't think its possible to gain more than 3 inches with this product like they claim (I doubt its possible with any product) and I haven't found it beneficial to take directly before sex.

    Now on to the review, I purchased a 12-month supply of Vimax penis enlargement pills about a year and a half ago, give or take a few weeks, and began taking one pill a day immediately after receiving it. After a few weeks I didn't notice much, except that when my penis was flaccid it was a bit larger and filled out but not significantly. I considered asking Vimax for my money back because it was still within 30 days. However, a month later I measured and I had actually gone from a 6.5" to a 7.1" and girth increased as well (however I didn't measure). At 6 months, I had increased in length to 8.0" and girth increased an additional amount as well. I actually noticed the biggest increase when I was flaccid though, I was now around 6.5" when not erect. I never measured what I was before taking the vimax penis enlargement pills but I would guess it was around 4" flaccid. After 6-months I didn't experience too much additional growth (increase of 0.3" in length and a little in girth during the last 6 months). I'm not sure if that is typical for everyone on Vimax but I would say 6-months is probably fine for the average person instead of 12-months. Now I don't want this review to sound like a testimonial so I won't praise the Vimax too much, but I honestly think this is one of the best investments I have ever made. It has been 6 months since I stopped taking it and I haven't seen any reduction in length or girth, which leads me to believe that this really is permanent. I don't know how they did this with natural ingredients but I am really amazed and absolutely love Vimax penis enlargement pills for it. Anyway, I hope this review helped.

Pros:                                               Cons
1. Increased penis length & girth         1. Takes a few weeks to notice
2. Increased sex drive                         2. Company website exaggerates
3. Greater ejaculations 
4. Permanent effects

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